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Minimum purchase $25 

Free gift if the order has an over 40$ subtotal and is PRIORITY MAIL in the US
Over 40$ 1$ plus value $75 over $5 value over $100 15$ value




Charts up to 80% off in different sizes and costs

Charts are pulled from charts we only have one of including sweetheart tree, DMC, and more.   


Order Now and select your grab bag!


3 Small and 2 Large Chart Grab Bag

3 Random Small Charts and 2 Random large charts
5 Large Chart Grab Bag

5 Random large charts
5 Small Chart Grab Bag

5 random small charts
1 of each Grab Bag

One small chart one large chart and a magazine grab bag
3 Magazine Grab Bag

3 Random Stitcher related magazines
Normal Grab bag

4 Medium sized charts
Bead Bundle

1 Of anything Grab Bag

Random Chart or magazine comments can be made to tell what kind of chart you want
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