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Blackbird Designs

Blackbird 2012-2013 Loose Feather Series

Blackbird 2011 Loose Feather Bird Series

Blackbird 2010 Anniversaries of the Heart

Blackbird Loose Feather

Blackbird 2009 Stocking Series

Blackbird Booklets

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Blackbird Autumn Bouquet
$8.00 On Sale! $7.00
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Blackbird A Fine Collection
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Blackbird Bits & Pieces A stitcher's journal
$16.00 On Sale! $12.95

blackbird Bits pieces.jpg
A Schoolgirl's Work Blackbird

Blackbird A Schoolgirl's Work Samplers from Museum of Art (9 Cross Stitch Projects)

Blackbird a schoolgirlwork.jpg

The booklet weights 104 pages, full color, soft cover. 9 Cross stitch projects. There are 24 antique samplers pictured with a bit of history. 50% of the royalties will go to the museum.

Blackbird All The Hills Echoed
$10.00 On Sale! $9.00

Blackbird April Shower Crescent /Gentle Art Thread Pack
$25.75 On Sale! $22.50
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11 Overdyed cotton floss are included.Crescent colours cotton Clay Pot, Red Currant, Pea Pod; Gentle Art sampler threads Aged Pewter, Avocado, Mountain Mist, Buttercrunch, Antique Rose, Clover, Grasshopper, and Grecian Gold.

Blackbird Basket of Memories Chart Only
$8.00 On Sale! $6.95

blackbird basket of memories.jpg

Chart only, no thread is included. The chart uses Gentle Art Sampler Thread Aged Pewter.

Blackbird By the Chimney with Care GA/WDW/Crescent Thread Pack
$22.50 On Sale! $19.75
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9 overdyed cotton floss are included.Weeks Dye Works Lt Khaki, Sunset; Crescent Colour Cotton Nutmeggie, Gentle Art Threads Cherry Bark, Onyx, Antique Rose, Avocado, Apple Cider, and Cornhusk.

Blackbird Glorious June WDW/GA/Crescent Thread Pack
$32.50 On Sale! $28.50
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14 overdyed cotton floss are included. Weeks Dye Works Graphite, Tobacco Road, Honey suckle; Crescent Colours Cotton Antique Lace, Cherlyl Chic, Lunnar Elipse, Queen Bee, Ye Olde Gold, Baby Blanket, Finley Gold, Pea Pod, Toasted Marshmallow;Gentle Art sampler threads Picnic Basket and Gingersnap.

BlackBird Loose Feather #34 Two Hearts
$9.00 On Sale! $8.25
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Blackbird March of the Daffodils Thread Pack
$24.75 On Sale! $21.25
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10 overdyed cotton floss are included.Crescent Colours Cotton Ye Olde Gold, Finely Gold and Queen Bee, Weeks dye Works Moss, Curry,and Olive. Gentle Art Threads are Avocado, Cornhusk, Lexington Green and Evergreen.

Blackbird May Flowers Thread Pack
$40.00 On Sale! $35.20
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16 overdyed cotton floss are included. Weeks Dye Works Blue Heron, Dolphin, Bull Frog, Crescent Colours Cotton Antique Lace, Dandelion Stem, Pea Pod, Sugared Violets, Clay Pot, Poblano Pepper, Snow Ball, and Wild Berries. Gentle Art Sampler threads are Grasshopper, Shakerwhite, Flax, Dried Thyme and Shutter Green.

Blackbird My Dear hearts
$14.00 On Sale! $13.69

Blackbird Patriotic July Thread Pack
$32.50 On Sale! $28.50
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13 overdyed cotton floss are included. Weeks Dye Works, Blue Frog, Tabacco Road, Crescent Colours Cotton Antique Lace, Clay pot, Red Currant, Cayenne, and Olive Branch. Gentle Arts sampler threads are Dungarees, Uniform Blue, Pomegranate, Chives, Tarnished Gold, Picnic Basket.

Blackbird She Sights A Bird
$14.00 On Sale! $9.00

Blackbird Sing a Song of Seasons
$9.00 On Sale! $8.00

Blackbird Willow House WDW Thread Pack
$32.60 On Sale! $28.95
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Thread pack ONLY. No chart is included. 13 Weeks Dye Works threads are included. Weeks Dye Works Teal Frost, Scuppemong, Moss, Hazelnut, Brick, Conferate Grey, Pecan, Cinnabar, Dove, Straw, Iris, Sand and Romance.

Bringing Good Cheer Blackbird
$12.00 On Sale! $10.50

CC Blackbird
$2.40 On Sale! $2.20
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Kelmscott Blackbird Needleminder
$9.50 On Sale! $8.45
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Kelmscott Blackbird Thread Winders (3)
$8.50 On Sale! $7.95


Each Blackbird is 2.25" wide x .85" high. 3 per package.

Light Upon The Lawn Blackbird
$9.00 On Sale! $8.50

Plum Street Trellis Blackbirds
$10.00 On Sale! $8.25

Plum Street Trellis Blackbirds Speciality Thread Pack
$17.50 On Sale! $15.75


Thread pack only, no chart is included. Gentle Art is Baby Spinach; Weeks Dye Works are Onyx, Baked Apple, Guacamole, Charlotte's Pink, Havana, and Seagull;

Stacy Nash Four & Twenty Blackbirds
$10.00 On Sale! $8.50

Valdani 3 Strand Floss Ball O572 Blue Blackbird
$3.60 On Sale! $3.25

Valdani 6 ply O572 Blue Blackbird
$3.00 On Sale! $2.75
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