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LHN 2011 Ornament Series

LHN December 2011 Good Tidings Ornament Chart Only
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65

LHN Good tidings.jpg
LHN November 2011 Winter Forest Ornament Chart Only
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65


DMC threads only.

LHN October 2011 Snow in Love Chart Only
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65

LHN Snow in Love.jpg

The chart calls for DMC threads and Crescent Colours Roasted Chestnut.

CC Roasted Chestnut
$2.40 On Sale! $2.20
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LHN September 2011 Joy and Peace Ornament
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65

LHN August 2011 Hallelujah Ornament
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65

LHN Hallelujah.jpg
LHN July 2011 Baked Goods Ornament Chart Only
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65

LHN baked goods.jpg
LHN June 2011 Pine Tree Inn Ornament chart only
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65

LHN Pine tree in ornament.jpg

Crescent Colours English Ivy and DMC threads are used.

LHN May 2011 Silent Night Ornament chart only
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65

lhn ornament silent night.jpg
CC English Ivy
$2.40 On Sale! $2.20
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LHN April 2011 Ornament Gingerbread Village Chart
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65

LHN Gingerbread Village.jpg
LHN March 2011 Ornament Deck the Halls Chart Only
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65


Chart only. This chart calls for DMC: 355, 436, 712, 754, and 3011; Crescent Colours Roasted Chestnut and Caterpillar.

LHN February 2011 Ornament Bring Home the Tree Chart Only
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65

Copy of LHN2011febBring home the tree.jpg

The chart calls for DMC: 754, 3022, 3031; Crescent Colours are Bamboo, Brandied Pears, Weeping Willow and Wild Berries.

LHN January 2011 Ornament Cardinal Winter Chart
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65


Chart only. The chart requires DMC: 436, 640, 712, 3371, 3777; Crescent Colours Thread Roasted Chestnut and English Ivy.

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mighty bright craft light gold crest 36402 with Ac adaptor

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