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Mary Corbet (Needle n thread) has a detailed discussion on this needle ID card. She is so generous to give me permission to include the link to her blog here. You can click to access her blog.

Bohin, John James, Mary Arden, Piecemaker needles and needles in bulk

Betweens/quilting needles are short in length, betweens have a small, round eye and a sharp point.

Chenille needles are of medium length with a long, oval eye and a sharp point. They are excellent for working with thicker threads and silk ribbon.

Crewel needles are of medium length with a long, oval eye and a sharp point.They are identical in length and thickness to Sharps but have a longer eye for easier threading with thicker embroidery threads.These are ideal for nearly all surface embroidery and smocking.

Darners needles have great length and long eyes, used for darning and mending with heavy materials. They are used in doll making.

Milliners needles are also known as "Straw" needles. They are mainly used for bullion knots or Brazilian embroidery stitches. Milliners needles are extra long with a round eye and a sharp point. They eye of a milliners needle is no wider than the shaft, allowing for easy manipulation of bullion wraps. They are also best used for off-loom beadwork, loomed beadwork, and bead embroidery.

Sharps needles are a general purpose hand sewing needle. They have a round eye, a sharp point.

Tapestry needles have a blunt, rounded tip.They are used for needlepoint, hardanger, blackwork or cross stitch on evenweave fabrics and linen.

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