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Bohin Sewing Machine Needles

bohin sewing

Bohin 18046 Universal Machine Needle Size 10/70 (10 needles)
$5.85 On Sale! $5.50


For lightweight fabric.

Bohin 18047 Universal Machine Needle Size 12/80 (10 needles)
$5.85 On Sale! $5.50


For medium weight fabric.

Bohin 18048 Universal Machine Needle Size 14/90 (10 needles)
$5.85 On Sale! $5.50


For heavy weight fabric.

Bohin 19398 Metallic Machine Needle Assorted Sizes 80/90 (5 needles)
$5.85 On Sale! $5.50

Bohin 19498 Embroidery Machine Needle Assorted Sizes 11/75 & 14/90 (5 needles)
$5.85 On Sale! $5.50

Bohin 19598 Stretch Machine Needle Size 75/90 (5 needles)
$4.00 On Sale! $3.75

Bohin 19649 Denim/Jean Machine Needle Size 16/100 (5)
$4.50 On Sale! $4.25

Bohin 81980 Super Hand and Machine Needle Threader
$17.50 On Sale! $16.50


Threads needles from sizes 1 to 11.Hand and Machine threader.

Bohin 91356 Machine Needle Threader
$13.50 On Sale! $12.95


Threads sewing machine needles easily without removing needle from machine.

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