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Products that have christmas themes:


Raise the Roof Designs

JBW Designs

Whispered by the Wind Christmas Theme Collection Specials

Mill Hill Tiny Treasures Diamond Kits

Prairie Schooler 2008 Christmas charts and special

Just Cross Stitch Magaznine Ornament Issues

Miscellaneous Christmas Charts

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Plum Street 2016 White Pumpkin Farm
$12.00 On Sale! $10.95

Just Cross Stitch 2016 Annual Christmas Ornament Issue

LK2016 Peppermint Sleds
$7.00 On Sale! $5.95

LK2016 Snowy Sleds
$7.00 On Sale! $6.95

LK 2015 Tiny Tidings XX Chart with embellishment
$15.00 On Sale! $12.95


Chart with Embellishment pack.

LK 2015 Santa with Embellishment pack
$7.50 On Sale! $6.95

LK 2016 Floral MCsamples Treats
$10.50 On Sale! $8.75

LHN Hometown Holiday School House
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65


Chart only. Speciality threads used are Classic Colorworks Caterpillar, Cherry Cobbler, English Ivy.

2015 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue

Teresa Kogu PN132 Believe (Punch Needle design)
$12.00 On Sale! $10.50


Chart and weavers cloth included.

TK Believe Punch Needle Design Specialty Thread Pack
$32.50 On Sale! $28.00


Thread pack only, no chart is included. Weeks dye Works Red Rocks (15 yard), Beige (10 yard), Dove, Havana, Onyx, Whiskey, Sage; Valdani 3 strand ball O519 and O549.

Plum Street Farmstead Christmas
$9.50 On Sale! $8.95


Stitch with NPI silk and 36 ct Lakeside linen.

Foxwood Crossing Harrisburg Winter
$8.00 On Sale! $6.95

LHN 2015 Sampler Tree Christmas Rose
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65


Chart only. Speciality threads used are Classic Colorworks Thread Eggshell, Hazelnut, Cherry Cobbler, Weeping Willow, and Cocoa Bean.

LHN Hometown Holiday Florist
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65


Chart only. Speciality threads used are Classic Colorworks Thread Caterpillar, Brandied Pears and English Ivy.

LHN 2015 Sampler Tree Peace
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65

LHN Hometown Holiday Pet Store
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65

Just Another Button Mistletoe Queen Spool Kit
$20.00 On Sale! $14.00


Kit includes pattern, instructions, JABC buttons and Just Pins and all other materials (except needle and thread)

Just Cross Stitch 2014 Ornament Issue

Just Cross Stitch 1997-2013 Ornament DVD
$30.00 On Sale! $27.95


17 ornament issues from 1997 to 2013.

LK 2014 Santa jolly and round
$8.00 On Sale! $7.00



LK Tiny Tidings XIX Chart with Embellishment pack
$14.00 On Sale! $12.95


Chart with Embellishment pack.

VS Gingerbread Tree Etui
$27.00 On Sale! $25.95

VSGingherbread Tree Etui.jpg

Suggested linen is Cashel 28ct Antique Almond.Beside the main accessory pack, you will also need 2 other threads: Kreinik Mori 8000 white silk (you can substitute with any white silk, or Dinky Dyes Natural silk, Valdani silk Ball Cream or regular DMC Blanc), and DMC Pearl Cotton 8 white.

2013 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue

2013Justcross stiticornament.jpg
PS 2013 Santa

LK 2013 Santa Jolly Old Soul with Embellishment Pack
$6.50 On Sale! $6.00


Estimate shipping date is August 7. Chart with 2 ivory snowflake buttons and 3 antique gold stars. Threads used are WDW Baked Apple, Crimson, Junipter, Light Khaki, Masacre, Whisky, and Gentle Art Endive.(Threads are not included.)

LK 2013 Tiny Tidings XVIII with Embellishment Pack
$13.00 On Sale! $11.00


Estimate shipping date is August 5. Chart with embellishment pack.

Dress it Up JBT4851 Itty Bitty Cut Out Cookies Buttons(40)

Needle Made Designs Twas The Night Before Christmas Storage Box/Ornaments
$18.00 On Sale! $14.75

Needle Made Twas the night.jpg

Estimate shipping date is December 20. Part I of the series.All through the house: 73 x 140, Not even a mouse: 73 x 127, The stockings were hung ornament: 71 x 59, St Nick soon would be there ornament: 57 x 59 - 36ct linen.

Stacy N Christmas at Hollyberry Farm
$14.00 On Sale! $11.50

StacyNchristmas at Hollyberryf.JPG

Recommended fabric is R & R Mink 35 ct. Anita's recommendation is Weeks Dye Works linen 35ct Mocha or Straw or Cocoa. R & R 35ct Cafe Kona is always a great substitute. Stitch count is 285 x 197.

Stacy N Christmas at Hollyberry Farm Thread Pack
$19.20 On Sale! $17.60

StacyNchristmas at Hollyberryf.JPG

Thread pack only. No chart is included. 8 Gentle Art threads are Heirloom Gold, Pecan Pie, Piney Wood, Strawbonnet, Walnut, Mulberry, Lexington Green and Expresso Bean.

LP Jewel Ornaments (Beads are included)
$18.00 On Sale! $14.95

LPjewel ornaments.jpg

Estimate shipping date is December 11. 108 x 108, 18 canvas.

Just Another Button 9649 It's Christmas Time Pack
$23.00 On Sale! $20.50

LK A Little Christmas Kit
$12.00 On Sale! $10.95

LK a little christmas kit.bmp

Beautiful muted holiday colors are embellished with a tiny golden heart charm and burgundy beads. Our local shop says this is one of their favorites and we love it, too! Kit includes 32 ct. lambswool linen, beads and charm.

LK A Little Christmas Kit Thread Pack
$17.50 On Sale! $15.25

LK a little christmas kit.bmp

Thread pack only, no chart is included. 5 Gentle Art Sampler Threads are Evergreen, Portabella, Antique Rose, Endive, Rose Garden; Weeks dye Works are Cadet and Collard.

2012 Christmas Special Button Galore Santa Grab Bag (500 buttons)

Santa grab web.JPG

Special buy, limited quantity. 500 buttons. The grab bag weight around 1 lb. A 6" x 6" grab bag of assorted all Christmas novelty buttons and flat-backs.

2012 Christmas Special Button Glore The Stocking Stuffer


Special offer, limited quantity.

2012 Christmas Special Button Glore Tree Trimmer

buttonwebtree trimmer.JPG

Special offer, limited quantity.20 Holiday Fun 3-D buttons in a clear Pillow Box with hang tie and gift tag.

2012 Christmas Special Button the Glore Gift Box


Special offer, limited quantity. A decorative box of three 3-piece themes from the Holiday Fun 3-D collection adorned with Christmas ribbon gift tag.

Dress it up JBT461 Mini Christmas keepsake

Dress it up JBT 2903 Mini Cookie Cutters #2 pack (16 pieces)

Holiday Pet Buttons BG 103 (6)

Button BG103 holiday pets.jpg
JABC Button Card Snowy Day
$24.00 On Sale! $19.75

JABC Button Card Nancy's Holiday Favorites
$24.00 On Sale! $19.75

JustButtonpacknancy holidayf.jpg
Christmas Tree BG122 Buttons (3)

ButtonBG122christmas tree.jpg
Christmas stocking button JBT1185 (6)

button dress it up1185stocking.jpg
Christmas Star BG 131 (3)

button christmas star 131.jpg
Jeanette Douglas Christmas Sampler
$25.00 On Sale! $22.95

JD christmas Sampler.jpg
Blackbird Merry Christmas
$9.00 On Sale! $7.50

blackbird merry christmas.jpg

The design size is 77w x 140h. Recommend fabric is 35 ct R & R Abcedarian Blend. Anita's recommended alternative linen is 35 ct Weeks Dye Works Capuccino, Edinburgh 36 ct hand dyed Heritage, Edinburgh 36 ct hand dyed Sandcastle or 32 ct Belfast hand dyed Heritage.

LHN Winter Plaid
$8.00 On Sale! $6.75

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