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Jeannett Douglas

Jeanette Douglas Christmas Sampler
$25.00 On Sale! $22.95

JD christmas Sampler.jpg
Jeanette Douglas Christmas Quaker Pincushion
$14.00 On Sale! $11.75

JD christmas quaker pincushion.jpg
Just Another Button 2752 Old Ruby Button/Pin Pack
$12.00 On Sale! $9.95

JustAnother button2752oldrubby.jpg
Just Another Button 2753 Old Ruby Button/Pin Pack
$12.00 On Sale! $9.95

Jeannette Douglas Pumpkin Quaker Pincushion
$14.00 On Sale! $11.75

JD halloween quaker pincushion.jpg
Jeannette Douglas Quaker Pincushions
$14.00 On Sale! $11.75

Jeannet D Quaker Pincushion.jpg
JD Pineapple Biscornu and Scissor Fob
$16.00 On Sale! $13.00
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JD Friendship Sweet Bag
$15.00 On Sale! $12.00
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Box of Wool

Box O Wool Does not include box
Bead Bag green

Bead bag white

Tool Tron Gold
$20.00 On Sale! $15.00

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