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Kelmscott Thread Keep/Thread Winders/Thread Rings/

Kelmscott Mother of Pearl Angel Thread Winders (2)
$9.00 On Sale! $8.00

Kelmscott Ewe Sheep Thread Winders (2)
$9.00 On Sale! $8.25

nkelmscott ewe thread winders.jpg
Fleur de Lys Thread Keep
$9.50 On Sale! $7.99

fleur de lthreadkeep.jpg

Made from folk art hand painted wood.

Kelmscott Tulip Thread Keep
$10.50 On Sale! $9.25

kelmscott tulip mother of thread keep.jpg
Kelmscott Strawberry Thread Keep
$10.50 On Sale! $9.25
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Kelmscott Acorn Thread Keeper
$10.50 On Sale! $9.25
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Made from Mother of Pearl.

Kelmscott Heart Thread Keep
$10.50 On Sale! $9.25
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Made from Mother of Pearl.

Kelmscott Mother of Pearl Fish Buttons (10)
$6.50 On Sale! $5.75

Kelmscott Fish Thread Winders (3)
$7.50 On Sale! $6.95
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Made from Mother of Pearl. Each fish is 2" long x .75" high. There are 3 per package.

Kelmscott Hare Thread Winder (2)
$9.00 On Sale! $7.95

Kelmscott Blackbird Thread Winders (3)
$8.50 On Sale! $7.95


Each Blackbird is 2.25" wide x .85" high. 3 per package.

Kelmscott Celtic Flower Thread Winder
$9.00 On Sale! $7.95

Kelmscott Celtic Flower.jpg
Kelmscott Daisy Thread Rings (7)
$9.00 On Sale! $8.25

Kelmscott daisy thread ring.jpg
Kelmscott Thread Ring Blue Bells (10)
$9.50 On Sale! $7.99

kelmscott thread ring bluebell.jpg
Kelmscott Thread Ring Hearts (10)
$9.50 On Sale! $7.99

kelmscott thread ring heart.jpg
Bead Bag green

Bead bag white

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