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Crescent Colours Crocheted Lace

The lace is 1 inch wide and 2 yard.

crochet lace

Lace Bamboo

lace bamboo.jpg
Lace Bean Sprout

lace bean sprout.jpg
Lace Blue Moon

lace blue moon.jpg
Lace Chery Tomato
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65

lace cherry tomato.jpg
Lace Coca Bean

lace coca bean.jpg
Lace Poblano Pepper

lace poblano pepper.jpg
Lace Purple Aster

lace puprle aster.jpg
Lace Secondhand Rose

lace secondhand rose.jpg
Lace Wild Berries

lace wild berries.jpg
CC Set of 3 fancy Green Nancy Golden Star and Granny Annie
$7.00 On Sale! $6.00

Bead Bag green

Bead bag white

Tool Tron Gold
$20.00 On Sale! $15.00

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