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LHN 2013 Little Sheep Virtues

The Little Sheep Virtues will release one a month, January through December. Each chart design contains the following. . . . . .at least one sheep (of course), a virtue (of course), an optional button and at least one heart.

The designs are mounted onto wool and finished as pillows. Wool seems appropriate, don't you think? There are two fabrics used throughout. Starting with January and skipping every even month, the fabric is 30 count R&R Dark Chino. Starting in February and skipping every odd month, the fabric used is 30 count Cocoa from Weeks Dye Works. Special supplies are listed below. The threads used throughout are DMC: 221, 420, 780, 822, 869, 924, 936, 3011, 3012, 3031, 3041, 3782, 3828, and ecru.

Each design is 61 x 61 and were designed to be stitched as individual pieces. However I kept those of you in mind who like to stitch a series on a whole cloth so my advice is to stitch three across and four down. Space them however you wish on whatever fabric you choose. The dimensions will help you to calculate size.

I only carry Weeks Dye Works linen 30 ct and 35 ct Cocoa. The quality of Weeks dye Works linen is better than R & R Reproduction linen.

Weeks Dye Works 30 ct Cocoa Linen 17" x 26"
$25.00 On Sale! $22.95

Weeks Dye Works 30 ct Cocoa Linen 34" x 26"
$50.00 On Sale! $45.00

Weeks Dye Works 30 ct Cocoa Linen 34" x 53"
$100.00 On Sale! $93.00

Weeks Dye Works 35 ct Cocoa Linen 17" x 26"
$27.00 On Sale! $24.95

Weeks dye Works 35 ct Cocoa Linen 34" x 25"
$53.00 On Sale! $49.00

Weeks Dye Works 35 ct Cocoa Linen 34" x 53"
$106.00 On Sale! $97.00

LHN All Buttons for Sheep Virtue Series (17 Buttons)


17 buttons for the entire Sheep Virtue Series.

LHN Sheep Virtues Hope Button Poinsettia

LHN 2013 Sheep Virtues Love
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65

LHN sheeplove.jpg
LHN Sheep Virtues Love Button Yellow Rose

LHN sheep virtue yellow rose.jpg
LHN Sheep Virtue Peace Button Sweet Heart Bird

LHN 2013 Sheep Virtues Courage
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65

LHN Sheep Virtue Courage Button Small Lavender Swirl Bud (2)


2 small Lavender Swirl Bud buttons.

LHN 2013 Sheep Virtues Faith
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65

LHN Sheep Virtue Faith Tea Dyed Star (2)

LHN Sheep Virtue Simplicity
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65

LHN Sheep Virtue Simplicity Mosey Bee Buttons (2)

LHN Sheep Virtue Patience
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65

LHN patience.jpg
LHN Sheep Virtue Patience Blue Heart Button

lhnpatience button.jpg
LHN Sheep Virtue Wisdom Apple Button

LHN Sheep Virtue Friendship
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65

LHN Sheep Virtue Friendship Anna Bird Button

LHN Sheep Virtue Kindness
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65

LHN Sheep Virtue Kindness Buttons (2)

LHN Sheep Virtue Gratitude Button

lhngratitude button.jpg
LHN Sheep Virtue Joyfulness
$6.00 On Sale! $5.65


DMC threads only.

LHN Sheep Virtue Joyfulness Buttons (2)

Bead Bag green

Bead bag white

Tool Tron Gold
$20.00 On Sale! $15.00

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