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Lizzie Kate Kits

LK 2015 K82 Halloweenie Limited Kit


The kit includes 28ct Amber, Organe/black Polka Dot fabric and rick rack, 2 sets of googly eyes, NO threads are included.

LK 2015 Halloweenie Special Thread Pack
$20.00 On Sale! $17.75


Thread Pack only, no chart is included. Weeks dye Works threads are Carrot, Clockwork, Grasshopper, Havana, Mascara, Purple Majesty, Red Rocks and Turquoise.

LK2014 Box 50 No ACt of Kindness
$17.00 On Sale! $15.95

LK2014 Box 49 I cannot count my Days
$17.00 On Sale! $15.95


Estimate shipping date is November 10. Boxer kit includes 32 ct. Lambswool linen, embellishments and bonus design.

LK K66 A Little Snow Kit


Kit includes a bonus ornament chart, 28 ct. Amber linen, antique gold snowflake charm and white iridescent beads.

LK A Little Snow Speciality Thread Pack
$20.00 On Sale! $17.50


Thread pack only, no chart is included.

LKB45 Inspiration Boxer Good Friends are..
$16.50 On Sale! $15.75


Chart, linen, buttons and charm.

LKB45 Insp B Good Friends are..Thread Pack
$13.20 On Sale! $11.90


Thread pack only, no chart is included. Weeks dye works are Chestnut, Oscar, Parchment, Raspberry, Rum Rasins and Teal Frost.

Lizzie Kate 2013 Limited Edition Hoot (linen & buttons)
$22.00 On Sale! $20.00


Estimate shipping date is September 19.Kit includes charts, linen and embellishments.

Lizzie Kate 2013 Limited Edition Hoot Thread Pack
$30.00 On Sale! $25.80


No chart is included, thread pack only. Weeks Dye Works are Carrot, Chestnut, Clockwork, Grits, Onyx, Oscar, Palomino, Pistachio, Purple Majesty, Sea Glass, Squash, and Sweet Potato.

LKB42 As for Me and Your House Inspiration Boxer Kit
$16.50 On Sale! $15.95


Great for giving or keeping, the muted palette blends with any decor. Kit includes 30 ct. natural linen, chart with bonus design and embellishments.

LKB42 House Inspiration Thread Pack
$13.20 On Sale! $11.40


Thread Pack only. No chart is included. Gentle Art are Endive, Mountain Mist, Old Brick, Straw Bonnet, Wood Trail; Weeks Dye Works thread Confederate Gray.

LK A Little Christmas Kit
$12.00 On Sale! $10.95

LK a little christmas kit.bmp

Beautiful muted holiday colors are embellished with a tiny golden heart charm and burgundy beads. Our local shop says this is one of their favorites and we love it, too! Kit includes 32 ct. lambswool linen, beads and charm.

LKB41 Inspiration Boxer Dance in the Rain
$16.50 On Sale! $15.95

LKinspirbox41life is.bmp

The whole phrase is ďLife isnít about waiting for the storm to pass, itís about learning to dance in the rain.Ē Boxer includes 30 ct. natural linen, golden dragonfly charm and bonus design with raspberry beads.

LK K60 Joy to the World Christmas Kit
$16.50 On Sale! $15.95

LKK61Joyto the world.bmp

Kit includes classic 30 ct. natural linen, snowflake charm (for the bonus design) and both patterns.

LK Joy to the World Christmas Kit Thread Pack
$22.50 On Sale! $19.50

LKK61Joyto the world.bmp

Thread pack only. 9 overdyed cotton floss. 2 Crescent Colours are Licorice Red, Ye Olde Gold; Gentle Art Sampler threads are Cucumber, Piney Woods; Weeks Dye Works are Bluecoat Red, Cocoa, Grits, Onyx, and Peach Fuzz.

LKB40 Inspirational Boxer Faith, Hope, Love
$16.50 On Sale! $15.95

LKinspiration box 40.bmp

Boxer kit includes 30 ct. natural linen, pale rosy button AND bonus "love-ly" design with it's own golden heart and raspberry bead embellishments.

LKB39 Inspirational Boxer Sweet Simple Things
$16.50 On Sale! $15.95


Kit includes 30 ct. natural linen, hand-dyed rosy pink buttons, and BONUS pin pillow design with raspberry bead embellishments. Simple and sweet!

LKB38 Inspirational Boxer Spread the Love Kit
$16.50 On Sale! $15.95

LK38Spread the love.jpg

Boxer kit includes 32 ct. lambswool linen and handdyed raspberry flower buttons.Also included in a sweet BONUS needle roll design, including iridescent berry beads.

LKB37 Inspirational Boxer What We are
$16.50 On Sale! $15.95


Kit includes beautiful 32 ct. lambswool linen, hand-dyed flower button and dusty red beads to adorn the design and the BONUS strawberry pin pillow chart that is included.

LKB36 Faith Inspiration Boxer
$16.50 On Sale! $15.95


Kit includes 32 ct. lambswool linen, hand-dyed olive buttons, antique gold heart charm, iridescent raspberry beads, and BONUS fob design (pictured on cover).

LKB35 Not All of Us Inspiration Boxer
$16.50 On Sale! $15.95


Kit includes 32 ct. flax Belfast linen, hand-dyed muted red flower buttons, and BONUS pin pillow pattern. There is an antique gold heart charm for the little pillow!

LK B34 Inspriational Boxer When We Do Kit
$16.50 On Sale! $15.95

LKwhenwe do.jpg

Includes 32 ct. flax Belfast fabric(for the main chart only), 2 hand-dyed raspberry buttons, and chart. Every Inspiration Boxer also includes a bonus FREE design. The free chart for our sweet Bluebird Fob is included, along with chartreuse beads to embellish. It is packed in a very nice clear box.

LKB33 I Know God Inspiration Boxer
$16.50 On Sale! $15.95


Vintage-inspired kit includes 32 ct. flax Belfast linen, hand-dyed buttons and chart, PLUS a bonus pincushion design! (Boxer Kit does NOT include fabric for the bonus project, but beads are included.)

LK "A little love" Kit
$12.00 On Sale! $11.25

LKa little love w.jpg

The kit contains 32 flax linen, flower button and beads.

LK "A little Love" Thread Pack
$20.00 On Sale! $17.25

LKa little love w.jpg

Thread pack only, no chart is included. 8 Overdyed cotton floss are Gentle Art Sampler threads Dungarees, Old Blue Paint; Weeks Dye Works are Madison Rose, Pecan, Purple Haze, Romance, Scuppernong, and Tarragon.

Lizzie Kate Autumn Fab Fob Limited Edition Kit
$20.00 On Sale! $18.95


The custom-scissor madness continues with our 2-tone chartreuse and purple scissors! These crazy colors look great with the pumpkin spice fabric, bright autumn colors and motifs, and fun embellishments. Get them now because quantities are limited on these funky little scissors!

Lizzie Kate Winter Fab Fob Limited Edition Kit
$20.00 On Sale! $18.95

LK Flora McSample Boo Sampler Kit
$14.00 On Sale! $12.95


Kit includes pattern, 28 ct. lilac linen and hand-dyed "pumpkin" button.

LK Falalalala Kit
$14.00 On Sale! $12.95


Kit includes pattern, 30 ct. cream linen, snowflake charm, hand-dyed triangle buttons and red/green beads.

Lizzie Kate Three Blox Kit
$14.00 On Sale! $13.25
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LK K55 A Good Marriage Kit
$32.50 On Sale! $30.00

LKK55 A good marriage.jpg
LK B43 Perfectly Keep House Boxer
$16.50 On Sale! $15.95


Chart, fabric, buttons and a bonus chart "Live Simply".

LK B44 Inspirational Box Faith Is......
$16.50 On Sale! $15.75

LK B43 Perfectly Keep House Boxer Thread Pack
$13.20 On Sale! $11.40


Thread pack only, no chart is included. Weeks Dye Works are Cadet, Dirt Road, Red Pear; Gentle Arts are Endive, Tin Bucket and Wood Trail.

LK B44 Faith Speciality Thread Pack
$17.60 On Sale! $14.40


Thread pack only, no chart is included.Thread pack for main design only. Gentle Art are Antique Rose, Endive, Picnic Basket, Strawbonnet; Weeks Dye Works are Baked Apple, Palomino, Schneckley and Crescent Colours Blue Corn.

LK K62 At Our House Kit
$33.00 On Sale! $31.95


Kit includes chart and Crescent Colours threads.

LK 2014 A Little Boo Kit


Estimate shipping date is July 15. Threads are not included. Little Boo kit contains 28 ct. Amber linen, tiny golden star and some antique olive/gold beads for a quick Halloween design with a retro sampler feel.

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