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Santa, Cat, Sea Horse, Butterfly, Angel, Rabbit, Itty Bitty, Pineapple, Owl, Swan and Rooster Scissors

3" Black/brown/grey Owl Scissors Special
$9.75 On Sale! $8.00

cute owl scissors.JPG
Pineapple Scissors Silver Special

pineapple silver.JPG
Pineapple Scissors Green

pineapple green.JPG
Angel Butterfly Scissors Blue
$5.75 On Sale! $5.00

Copy of angel blue.JPG
Angel Butterfly Scissors Black
$5.75 On Sale! $5.00

Copy of angel black.JPG
Angel Butterfly Scissors Pink
$5.75 On Sale! $5.00

Copy of angel pink.JPG
Angel Butterfly Scissors Green
$5.75 On Sale! $5.00

Copy of Angel green.JPG
Butterfly Scissors 3 1/2" Green

butterfly s green.jpg
Butterfly Scissors 3 1/2" Blue

butterfly s blue.jpg
Butterfly Scissors 3 1/2" Burgundy
$5.95 On Sale! $4.25

butterfly s burgundy.jpg
Butterfly Scissors 3 1/2" Fuschia

butterfly s fuschia.jpg
Santa Scissors Gold (Least expensive version)

Santa Scissors Silver (Least expensive version)
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Santa Scissors Special (expensive version)
$20.00 On Sale! $18.95
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Cat Scissors Gunmetal Special

scissors W gunmetal cat scissors.JPG
Cat Scissors Black Special

scissors w black cat.JPG
Cat Scissors Gold Special
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Cat Scissors Purple & Gold Special

Purrfect Pink Scissors

purrfect pink.JPG
Purrfect Blue Scissors

purrfect blue.JPG
Purrfect Purple Scissors

Purrfect scissors purple.JPG
Sea Horse Special
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Kelmscott Cat Snips Scissors
$11.50 On Sale! $9.95

3 1/2" Multi Rainbow Titanium Butterfly Scissors Special
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Itty Bitty Scissors Special
$6.00 On Sale! $4.00
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The color choices will be random, Blue, Red,Yellow, cream, black, Green and Orange. Great for on-the-go projects. Airplane safe. These scissors will attach to anything including cell phones.

4" Rabbit Embroidery Scissors Special (Made in Italy)
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3" Gold Swan Stainless Steel with Sheath
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3" Green Swan Stainless Scissors Special

Copy of Greenswan.JPG
Mother of Pearl Scissors Fob


This will fit small 3 1/2 inch narrow handle embroidery scissors.

Wood Hoop Set Great For Anyone
$28.00 On Sale! $22.00

Bead Bag green

Bead bag white

Tool Tron Gold
$20.00 On Sale! $15.00

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