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Premax Scissors from Italy

candy cane
Mother of Pearl Scissors Fob


This will fit small 3 1/2 inch narrow handle embroidery scissors.

Mother of Pearl Scissors Fob Large Clasp


This will fit bigger handle scissors.

Premax 2016 Chrome Eiffel 4 inch scissors
$21.00 On Sale! $18.50

Premax 2016 Silver Eiffel 4 inch Scissors
$21.00 On Sale! $18.95

Premax 2016 Gold Eiffel 4 inch Scissors

Premax 2016 Blue Red 3.5 inch Scissors 105598
$21.00 On Sale! $18.95

Premax 2016 Green Multi 3.5 inch Scissors 105604
$21.00 On Sale! $18.95

Premax 2016 Blue 3.5 inch Scissors 103846
$21.00 On Sale! $18.95

Premax 2016 Red 3.5 inch Scissors
$21.00 On Sale! $18.95

Premax Red 3 1/2 inch Soft Touch Scissors
$18.00 On Sale! $15.95

Premax 3.5 inch RED Marbleized Stork Scissors
$20.00 On Sale! $18.00

Premax red stock.JPG
Premax 3.5" RED/BLUE Marbleized Stork Scissors
$20.00 On Sale! $18.00

Premax 3.5 inch MULTI Marbleized Stork Scissors
$20.00 On Sale! $18.00

Premax Candy Cane Scissors (Limited Edition)


Limited quantity.

Premax Mini Scissors 2 3/4"
$19.00 On Sale! $17.50

premax mini.JPG
Premax Red Scottish 3.5" Scissors
$29.00 On Sale! $24.95

premax Red.JPG
Premax Blue Scottish 3.5" Scissors
$29.00 On Sale! $24.95

premax blue.JPG
Premax Green Scottish 3.5" Scissors
$29.00 On Sale! $24.95

premax green.JPG
Premax PX1004 Red
$24.00 On Sale! $21.95

premax red.JPG
Premax 3.5 Ring lock Scissors Matt Finish 1910 Straight (Made in Italy)

Premax Ringlockstraight.JPG

The blades are straight. Matt finish. The Ring Lock SystemŽ improves the movement of the blade which, rotating around the Teflon ring - auto lubricating and non-deforming material - keeps the blades set stable and guaranteed forever.

Premax 3.5" Pink Geometric colors F009 (Made in Italy)
$22.00 On Sale! $19.35

Scissors W Premax pink geometric.JPG
Premax 3.5" Multi Pink/Purpe Colorsplash F011(Made in Italy)
$22.00 On Sale! $19.35

Scissors W Premax pknk purple colorsplash.JPG
Premax 3.5" Multi Orange/Yellow Marable Scissors F007 (Made in Italy)
$22.00 On Sale! $19.35

Scissors w premax orange yellow marable.JPG
Wood Hoop Set Great For Anyone
$28.00 On Sale! $22.00

potpourri value pack

Bead Bag green

Bead bag white

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