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Shakespeare's Peddler

SP Mercy Goodehart's Sampler


Needlepoint silks are being used, DMC conversion is provided.

SP Primitive Christmas

SPPrimitive Christmas.jpg

Estimate shipping date is end of December.

SP Sarah Chapple

Sp Sarah Chappal.jpg
SP Sarah Woodham

SP Sarah W.jpg
SP Let there be Peace

SP Let there be Peace Gentle Art Limited Edition Thread Pack


Thread pack only, no chart is included. 8 Gentle Art Limited Edition thread pack for Shakespeare's Peddler Design "Let there be peace".

SP Elizabeth Milner 1848

Weeks Dye Works 35 ct Cappuccino Linen 17" x 26"
$27.00 On Sale! $24.95

LittleHouse/Shakespeare's P Nashville 2012 Exclusive (2 designs with threads/Rick Rac)
$30.00 On Sale! $25.95


The pattern pack will include two designs. One from Little House Needleworks "A Stitcher's Heart" and one from Shakespeare's Peddler "Gentle Stitches". There is enough thread in the pack to complete both designs. The trim is included to finish the heart. Finishing instructions are provided by each designer and are SUPER easy! No Fabric.

SP Jenny Bean's Gentle Spring Sampler

SPgentle spring sampler.jpg
SP JB Gentle Spring Sampler Thread Pack
$43.20 On Sale! $39.50

SPgentle spring sampler.jpg

No chart is included. Thread pack only. Gentle Art Sampler threads are Moonlit Path, Old Hickory (10 yard), Grasshopper, Cidermill Brown (10 yard), Harvest Basket, Wood Trail (10 yard), Wheat Fields, Chamomile, Toasted Barley, Carmel Corn (10 yard), Roasted Marshmallow, Summer Shower, Antique Rose (10 yard).

SP Jane Pattison

SPJane Pattison.jpg
38 ct Bellarzia (Graziano Italian) 36" X 36" Cream/Beige
$55.00 On Sale! $50.00
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SP Elenor Ferrow 1842

SPlenor ferrow.jpg
SP Weeds make Haste

SP weeds.jpg
SP Elizabeth Mary Gandey Chart Only

SP Elizabeth Mary Gandey.jpg
Shakespeare's P Ann Grant Chart Only


Chart only. The chart calls for Gentle art Schoolhouse Red; Weeks Dye Works Pecan; Crescent Colours Belle Soie Baguette, Chocolate; The Thread Gatherer Silk 'N Colors Camelot's Lady, Potter's Clay; 2635(2) Soie D'alger, 3812 Soie D'alger, 3431(2) Soie D'Alger, 3745 Soie D'alger, 3815(2) Soie D'alger; NPI993 Silk, NPI222 Silk.

CC Silk Baguette
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CC Silk Chocolat
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Gentle Art 5 yard School House Red
$2.40 On Sale! $2.15
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Silk 'N Colors 1009 Camelot's Lady
$7.50 On Sale! $6.99

Silk 'N Colors 1025 Potter's Clay
$7.50 On Sale! $6.99

WDW Pecan 1228
$2.50 On Sale! $2.15
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Shakespeare's P Jenny's Bean Creation Sampler Chart Only

SP Jean's Bean Creation Samper Thread Pack
$36.00 On Sale! $32.95


Thread pack only, no chart. 15 Gentle Art threads are Acorn, Cinnamon, Endive, Toffee, Expresso Bean, Piney Wood, Summer Shower, Mulberry, Old Hickory, Lambswool, Uniform Blue, Willow, Fishman's Wharf, Oatmeal and Mustard seed.

Shakespeare's P Home Springs Eternal

SP Home Springs Eternal Regular Thread Pack
$24.00 On Sale! $22.00


Thread pack only, no chart is included. 10 Gentle art thread Gold Leaf, Dark Chocolate, Pine, Piney Woods, Straw Bonnet, Straw Bonnet, Deep Forest, Old Hickory, Grape Arbor, Chamomile and Endive.

SP 2010 Jenny Bean's Christmas Ornament

SP Father Sail Home

SP Sampler Roundy Chart Only

SP Sampler Roundy Regular Gentle Art Thread Pack Only
$12.00 On Sale! $11.00


5 regular gentle arts sampler threads are included. They are Buttercrunch, Woodsmoke, Cranberry, Cherry Bark, and Black Crow.

Shakespeare's P Jenny Bean's Christmas Sampler
$10.00 On Sale! $8.50
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Jenny Bean Christmas Sampler Gentle Art Thread Pack
$35.70 On Sale! $32.30
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17 Gentle Art Sampler threads Aged Pewter, Apple Cider, Chives, Cucumber, Currant, Garden Gate, Grape Leaf, Grecian Gold, Oatmeal, Pebble, Portabella, Raspberry Frost, Raven, Rose Garden, Walnut, Weathered Barn, Wood Trail.

Shakespeare's P Jenny Bean's Christmas Ornament
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Shakespeare's P Jenny Bean's Tuffet
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Shakespeare's P Ann Hobs 1834
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The chart calls for Needlepoint Silks 641, 694, 203, 532, 693, 224, 134, 901, 854, Belle Soie Wheat Grass, Vanilla Pudding, Baguette (conversion to DMC provided.

Shakespeare's P Measure by Measure A Ruler Keep
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Wood Hoop Set Great For Anyone
$28.00 On Sale! $22.00

Bead Bag green

Bead bag white

Tool Tron Gold
$20.00 On Sale! $15.00

Sweetheart Tree patriotic square
$10.00 On Sale! $7.00

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