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Silk Ribbon 7mm

Silk Ribbon 4mm

John James Silk Ribbon Needles
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25 needles in various sizes.

Clover 3121CV Chibi Tapestry Needle Set Bent Style (3)


Set Bent Tip with Case 3pc- The curved tip of the needle makes hooking treads a breeze. This set includes (2) #12 and (1) #15 needles and a convenient Chibi case with a screw on cap that stores needles neatly. Use with wool, thick embroidery cotton, ribbons on canvas or open-mesh fabrics. Also use in ribbon work to prevent snagging.

Silk Ribbon 7SR1 Antique White 7mm 5yd
$6.50 On Sale! $6.00

Silk Ribbon 7SR7 Pink 7mm 5 yd
$6.50 On Sale! $6.00

Silk 7SR7.jpg
Silk Ribbon 7SR12 Cream 7mm 5yd
$6.50 On Sale! $6.00

Silk Ribbon 7SR20 Leaf Green 7mm 5 yard
$6.50 On Sale! $6.00

Silk Ribbon 7SR21 Dark Moss Green 7mm 5 yd
$6.50 On Sale! $6.00

silk ribbon 7 mm7sr21.jpg
Silk Ribbon 7SR22 Iris 7mm 5 yd
$6.50 On Sale! $6.00

silk ribbon 7 mm7sr22.jpg
Silk Ribbon 7SR33 Dark Blue Green 7mm 5 yard
$6.50 On Sale! $6.00

Silk Ribbon 7SR127 Medium Pink 7mm 5 yd
$6.50 On Sale! $6.00

Silk 7SR127.jpg
Silk Ribbon 7SR156 Ivory 7mm 5yd
$6.50 On Sale! $6.00

Silk Ribbon 7SR157 Lt Dusty Rose 7mm 5 yd
$6.50 On Sale! $6.00

Silk 7SR157.jpg
Silk Ribbon 7SR159 Dark Dusty Rose 7mm 5 yd
$6.50 On Sale! $6.00

7sr159dark dusty rose.jpg
Silk Ribbon 7SR163 Rose 7mm 5 yd
$6.50 On Sale! $6.00

Silk 7SR163.jpg
Wood Hoop Set Great For Anyone
$28.00 On Sale! $22.00

Bead Bag green

Bead bag white

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