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Samsarah Designs

There is 12 charts to this series. The design stitch count is 244 x 124 and recommended fabric is Weeks Dye Works Red Pear. Here is the outline of the Flock Series (12) charts:

flock with color

samsarah the flock

Crescent/Classic Betty Bluebell, Blue Beatrice, Key Largo, Queen Bee (10 yard), Snips and Snails, Tufted Yellow; Gentle Art Antique Lace, Deep Forest; Weeks dye Works Citronella(10 yards), Goldenrod, Gunmetal, Lucky(10 yards), Morris Blue, Sophie's Pink, Whitewash.

Samsarah The Flock All 12 Charts
$96.00 On Sale! $83.40


Complete 12 charts for the series.

Samsarah The Flock 12 packages Buttons
$27.00 On Sale! $24.95


Button packs only. 12 button packs for the series.

Weeks Dye Works 30 ct Red Pear Linen 17" x 26"
$25.00 On Sale! $22.95

Samsarah The Flock Blue Polka Dot Bird Part 1
$8.00 On Sale! $6.95

samsarah blue polka dot bird chart part 1.jpg
Samsarah Part 1 Blue Polka Dot Button Pack

samsarah blue polka emb pk Part 1.jpg

button pack only, no chart is included.

SamSarah The Flock Baby Dot Part 2
$8.00 On Sale! $6.95

samsarah part 2 chart baby dot.jpg
Samsarah Part 2 Baby Dot Button Pack

samsarah baby dot part 2.jpg
Samsarah the Flock Target Bird Part 3
$8.00 On Sale! $6.95

samsarah target bird.jpg
Samsarah the Flock Target Bird Part 3Button Pack

Samsarah target bird emb.jpg
Samsarah The Flock Striped Bird Part 4
$8.00 On Sale! $6.95

samsarah flock striped bird.jpg
Samsarah Part 4 Striped Bird Button Pack

samsarah flock striped bird button pack.jpg
Samsarah Asterisk Bird Part 5
$8.00 On Sale! $6.95

samsarah asterisk bird.jpg
Samsarah Asterisk Part 5 Button Pack

samsarah asterisk button.jpg
Samsarah Landing Bird Part 6
$8.00 On Sale! $6.95

Samsarah Landing Part 6 Button Pack

Samsarah The heart bird Part 7
$8.00 On Sale! $6.95

Samsarah the heartbird.jpg
Samsarah Heart Part 7 Button Pack

Samsarah The Flock Yellow Polka Dot Bird Part 8
$8.00 On Sale! $6.95

flock yellow polka dot bird.jpg
Samsarah Part 8 Yellow Bird Button Pack


Button pack only.

Samsarah The Flock Star Bird Part 9
$8.00 On Sale! $6.95

Samsarah star bird.JPG
Samsarah Part 9 Star Bird Button Pack

samsarah star bird button.jpg
Samsarah The Flock Button Bird Part 10
$8.00 On Sale! $6.95

samsarah 10Button bird.jpg
Samsarah Part 10 Button Bird Button Pack

Samsarah The Flock Paisley Bird Part 11
$8.00 On Sale! $6.95

Samsarah Part 11 Paisley Bird Button Pack

SamSarah The Flock Checkerboard Bird 12
$8.00 On Sale! $6.95

Samsarah Part 12 Checkerboard Bird Button Pack

Wood Hoop Set Great For Anyone
$28.00 On Sale! $22.00

Bead Bag green

Bead bag white

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