Samsarah Designs

There is 12 charts to this series. The design stitch count is 244 x 124 and recommended fabric is Weeks Dye Works Red Pear. Here is the outline of the Flock Series (12) charts:

flock with color

samsarah the flock

Crescent/Classic Betty Bluebell, Blue Beatrice, Key Largo, Queen Bee (10 yard), Snips and Snails, Tufted Yellow; Gentle Art Antique Lace, Deep Forest; Weeks dye Works Citronella(10 yards), Goldenrod, Gunmetal, Lucky(10 yards), Morris Blue, Sophie's Pink, Whitewash.

samsarah blue polka dot bird chart part 1.jpg
samsarah blue polka emb pk Part 1.jpg
Samsarah Part 1 Blue Polka Dot Button Pack
samsarah baby dot part 2.jpg
Samsarah Part 2 Baby Dot Button Pack
$2.39 $2.99
samsarah flock striped bird.jpg
samsarah flock striped bird button pack.jpg
Samsarah Part 4 Striped Bird Button Pack
samsarah asterisk button.jpg
Samsarah Asterisk Part 5 Button Pack
Samsarah the heartbird.jpg
Samsarah Heart Part 7 Button Pack
Samsarah Part 8 Yellow Bird Button Pack
Samsarah star bird.JPG
Samsarah The Flock Star Bird Part 9
$6.95 $8.00
samsarah star bird button.jpg
Samsarah Part 9 Star Bird Button Pack
Samsarah Part 10 Button Bird Button Pack
Samsarah Part 11 Paisley Bird Button Pack
Samsarah Part 12 Checkerboard Bird Button Pack