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Valdani Silk Floss

A fabulous fine silk, colorfast the shiniest stranded spun 100% silk on the market. Comes in 6 strands, one strand being about the same size as one strand of our stranded cotton. The difference between the silk and the cotton is the beautiful natural high sheen of the silk, which will last for generations and generations.The Valdani Luxury Silk Floss is a very strong silk, coming in a beautiful palette of subtle shaded colors, most beautiful in any embroidery or needlework project. HUGE yardage: 6-strands of 23 yards each ball. You can also view the silk collection selection at the Valdani Web Site here.

*Important Disclaimer : The pictures presented on this web site are provided for general color information and illustration purposes only. Because of the differences in computer monitors, printers, other hardware and software combinations, the depicted results are intended to be used as approximations of color and not as definitive representations, and should not be relied upon or used as such.

valdani silk group

Due to lost small packages with oversea shipping, I no longer ship to oversea countries when the package weight less than 4oz.

Rosewood Manor Flowers of Rosehall
$13.00 On Sale! $10.75


Flowers of Rosehall Sampler---156 x 178 stitches, Rosehall Welcome--131 X 54 stitches. Valdani silk floss are used.Fabric Flair Hand dyed Stone Cashel 28 linen is used for the model. I carry Fabric Fair linen as well as evenweave. 36ct and 40 linen are also available as well as 36 ct evenweave for the Hand Dyed Stone color.

Rosewood M Flowers of Rosehall Valdani Silk Ball Thread pack
$60.00 On Sale! $54.00

rosewoodmanor silk.JPG

No chart is included. 6 Valdani Silk Floss are S506, O571, S208, S153, P9, H204.

Valdani 100% Silk 004 Ivory
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Valdani 100% Silk H204 Nostalgic Rose
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Valdani 100% Silk H211 Green Black
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Valdani 100% Silk JP1 Sunwashed
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Valdani silk JP1.jpg
Valdani 100% Silk JP9 Herb Garden
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

val w silk JP9.JPG
Valdani 100% Silk JP12 Seaside
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95


Added February 2012.

Valdani 100% Silk M14 Roses
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

V M14 rose.jpg.JPG
Valdani 100% Silk M19 Green Olives
$6.00 On Sale! $5.75

val w silk P2.JPG
Valdani 100% Silk M30 Deep Waters
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Web Valdani Silk Deep Waters.JPG
Valdani 100% Silk M43 Vibrant Reds
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

V M43 vibrant reds.JPG
Valdani 100% Silk M49 Suble Elegance
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

web Valdani silk M49.JPG
Valdani 100% Silk O86 Rich Plum
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

V O86 rich plum.jpg.JPG
Valdani 100% Silk O154 Dark Antique Golds
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

VO154 Dark Antique Gold.jpg.JPG
Valdani 100% Silk O164
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Valdani 100% Silk O196 Olive Steel
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

V O196 Muddy Bark.jpg.JPG
Valdani 100% Silk O244 Love of Life
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

V O244 Love of Life.JPG
Valdani 100% Silk O503 Garnet
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

valdani silk garnet.jpg
Valdani 100% Silk O511 Black Sea
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

val w silk 0511 black sea.JPG
Valdani 100% Silk O513 Silky Earth
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Valdani 100% Silk O519 Green Olives
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

val  w silk 519.JPG
Valdani 100% Silk O520 Vintage Pastel
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

valdani silk O520.jpg

Added December 2011.

Valdani 100% Silk O526 Green Pastures
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Valdani 100% Silk O533 Golden Autumn
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Valdani 100% Silk O537 Sea Deep
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95


Added February 2012.

Valdani 100% Silk S547 Burnt Chocolate
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95


Added August 2012.

Valdani 100% Silk O571 Tea Honey
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Valdani 100% Silk O574 Grey Steel
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

V O574 Dried Leaves.JPG
Valdani 100% Silk O775 Turkey Red
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Valdani 100% Silk P3 Aged White
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Valdani 100% Silk P4 Aged White Light
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

val w silk P4.JPG
Valdani 100% Silk P5 Golden Grass
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Valdani 100% silk P6 Silky Rust
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Valdani 100% Silk P7 Withered Blue
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Valdani 100% Silk P9 Teal Smoke
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Valdani 100% Silk S1 Orchids
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

web Valdani Silk S1 Orchids.JPG
Valdani 100% silk S12 Black Bark
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Web Valdani Silk S12 Black Bark.JPG
Valdani 100% Silk S50 Golden Grass
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95


Added December 2011.

Valdani 100% Silk S78 Aged Wine
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

valdani silk S78.jpg.JPG
Valdani 100% Silk S79 Neon Green
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Valdani 100% Silk S153 Golden Moss
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

V 0153 golden moss.jpg.JPG
Valdani 100% Silk S201 Latte
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Valdani 100% Silk S206 Copper Smoke
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Valdani 100% Silk S208 Blue Lavender
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Valdani 100% Silk S210 Silk Rain
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Valdani 100% Silk S212 Steel Blue
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Web Valdani silk H212 Steel Blue.JPG
Valdani 100% Silk S506 Washed Cinnamon
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

valdani silk S506 Washed Cinnamon.jpg.JPG
Valdani 100% Silk V16 Violette di Parma
$10.00 On Sale! $8.95

Web Valdani silk V16.JPG
Wood Hoop Set Great For Anyone
$28.00 On Sale! $22.00

Bead Bag green

Bead bag white

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