2013 Lizzie Kate Jingle Flip-It Series

There are 12 different designs in total. We'll release several at a time -- NO monthly shipments. All 12 designs fit together like a puzzle in a big Christmas extravaganza. Each Flip-it has its own embellishment pack, alternating red buttons, aqua snowflake buttons and white beads. Just 2 different embellishment packs in all! All designs use the same color palette. Weeks dye Works threads are capri, cayenne, chestnut, grasshopper, grits (3), hunter, juniper, Louisiana hot sauce (2), mascara, molasses, pecan, peony, and sweet potato. The individual ornaments are stitched on 30 ct. Natural Northern Cross linen and the group design is stitched on Wichelt 32 ct Amber linen. Stitch count for the entire project is 80W x 369H. If you purchase 32 ct linen 18" x 27", it will only give you a total 3 inches extra on the length from framing, only 1 1/2" top, and 1 1/2" bottom. You may consider getting a larger piece of cut 36" x 27" for error and extras.

As usual, Lizzie Kate will supply the FREE template to combine everything, and additional stitched elements as a website download.

LKjingle flip its

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LK 2013 Jingle 127 Noel
$4.00 $4.50
LK 2013 K49 Fa La La La Kit