R & R 36ct Winter Brew 17

R & R 36ct Winter Brew 17" X 26"

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Some of the R & R Some of the Reproduction Linen are coffee dyed and they will have "strips of brown and some coffee residue" some areas will have black spots, inks, and the smell of coffee". All hand-dyed fabric will shrink in the dyeing process, so the size of the linen is not exact, plus and minus 1-2 inches in length and width. Please keep that level of size variance in mind with all pieces. The linen colors are not consistent and have a wide range of differences. If you prefer a clean and more even dyed fabric and are very particular about linen, you should consider Belfast, Cashel, Edinburgh, Newcastle hand-dyed linen, and Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed linen instead. Weeks dye Works linens are better quality and with better consistency. Distributors will not accept returns on any R&R linen because it is the way the hand-dyed process, I cannot refund or exchange any fabric. Buy this while keeping this in mind.

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