John James Petite 28 Tapestry Needle in Bulk (50 needles)

John James Petite 28 Tapestry Needle in Bulk (50 needles)

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average rating 98%
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Average rating:
average rating 98%
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Bulk order JJ Petite 28 tapestry needles 01/06/2020
By Marianne Maeder
Thanks for asking!

Very happy with the quick service across the pond, thank you very much.
I was impressed with the needles. They're somehow shinier and finer than the ones I used to get in the little containers for five needles. Already using them with great pleasure!
average rating 100%
Great buy 02/28/2019
By Sharen E Young
Love the John James needles and being able to buy in bulk as I enjoy doing solid cross stitch in 24/28 squares per inch so I destroy needles quickly when changing colors almost every square. We recommend to any serious cross stitcher.
average rating 100%
Needles and fun! 06/17/2021
By Michele Anderson
Hi, the service here is amazing! I couldn't find my bulk needles anywhere. So, I just reordered them. She gave me a credit, which I wasn't expecting. My second order arrived, and it is also is amazing! I love shopping here!
average rating 100%
Service 03/29/2019
By Elizabeth Nutty
I have ordered from you before and always received excellent service! Love being able to buy needles in bulk! The Kelmscott scissors are so nice! Thank you for the excellent service!! Libby
average rating 80%
Needles 02/16/2019
By Judi Svendsen
These John James #28 petites are just my very favorite. They make my Cross Stitching so easy and no waste of thread. I'll share with my friends too.

Thanks again, Judi
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