Adjustable Ring Crafts

These rings are so much fun to make and it is very easy. The rings are adjustable so it will fit everyone. They are great gifts and fun for a craft party. I have a very simple step by step overview of how to make these rings. You can simply wearing this as a ring, just use any left over fabric or you can stitch a small design. When you add the cotton fiberfill, the ring become a pincushion for needles. You can also put in a magnet and it will keep track of your needles.

 photo webrings_zps6d3fc80f.jpg

3 photo 3_zps2be9a0fb.jpg

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1 photo 1_zps1474e43e.jpg

I will have a more detailed tutorial on my blog here.

Here is a quick overview of the steps:

part1 photo webutorialpart1_zps40ec6dd2.jpg

part2 photo webtutorialpart2_zps8bb817e8.jpg

tutorial photo webtutorialpart3_zps3c5e9092.jpg
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