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Scissors and Kits

I am always looking for unique scissors to carry. All the Dovo scissors are directly from Germany. The prices will be varied due to the exchange rate. All the scissors have very fine detailed on the handles. Not all the Dovo scissors come with the leather sheath. All the Dovo Scissors with sharp tips I sell on the web site have leather sheath to protect the sharp points. If you want to order Dovo scissors that I don't carry on my web site, please feel free to email me.

Please be sure to check out Anita's scissors collection for exceptional scissors.

Mother of Pearl Scissors Fobs

Anita's Classic Scissors Collection

Anita's Heirloom Scissors Collection

Anita's Special Scissors and Tweezers Collection

Anita's Antique Collection

Kai Scissors from Japan

Thread Cutters and threaders

Scissors with Measuring Tapes

Flag Scissors of the World

Dovo Scissors From Germany

Solingen Germany Scissors

Scissors Under $10

Travel airplane safe scissors

Santa,Cats, Butterfly, Angel, Sea Horse, Itty Bitty Owl, and Pineapple Scissors

Gingher Scissors

Mini Scissors 3" and less

Scissors Made in Italy

Kelmscott Scissors

Sullivans Heirloom Scissors

Bohin Scissors from France

Premax Scissors from Italy

Uptown Girl Scissors

Klasse Bloom Scissor & Tape Measure Copper


Copper color. 4-1/2in blossom scissors and 60in retractable fiberglass tape measure with magnetic back. Packaged in premium silver foil gift box.

Klasse Bloom Scissor & Tape Measure Set Special


4-1/2in blossom scissors and 60in retractable fiberglass tape measure with magnetic back. Packaged in premium silver foil gift box.

Special Klasse Scissors set with Thimble and Measuring tape


Special edition, limited quantity at a special price. 3 1/2 scissors, thimble and measuring tape in a gift box.

Mother of Pearl Scissors Fob


This will fit small 3 1/2 inch narrow handle embroidery scissors.

Mother of Pearl Scissors Fob Large Clasp


This will fit bigger handle scissors.

Singer Sewing Kit with Case

Graphic Impression 5 piece Kit

Gingher Scissors Sheath


For 3 1/2 inch scissors.

3 inch Leather Sheath for Scissors

blackleathersheath.JPG Our pick of color and brand
5 inch Black Leather Shealth for Scissor

Vintage Chatelaine Scissor Case
$25.00 On Sale! $9.00


This old time vintage scissor case has a hand painted design and includes a ring for attaching to a necklace or chatelaine.

Wood Hoop Set Great For Anyone
$28.00 On Sale! $22.00

Bead Bag green

Bead bag white

Tool Tron Gold
$20.00 On Sale! $15.00

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