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Fun Adjustable Rings Pincushion and Projects ideas

Beam N Read Lights, Magnifier, Travel Light

Bohin Products (Made in France)

Bohin Sewing & Quilting Pins

Access Commodities Tin Cans, linen, thread drops, bee wax, Needle ID card and more

Thimbles/Pincushion/Thread Haven

Prairie Horizon Stitchworks Vintage Dollie Pyn Pillows

Fabric Flair Thread Organizer, Grip-n-Stitch and Evenweave/Linen

Vintage Butterfly Thread Winders, Filigree,Charms and Pendants

Needles and Needles in Bulk

Floss Ring Tag Supplies

Kumihimo Japanese Braiding

Clover Gadgets (Yo Yo Maker, Basket Frames, Quilter Clips and much more)

Quilting/Sewing/crafts/pincushion patterns

Decorative Band Trim & Aleenes Craft Glues Pens

Cotton Lace Trim & Pigma Micro Pens

Crescent Colours Chenille

Crescent Colours Crocheted Lace

Mill Hill Beads

Just Another Button Just Pins

Just Another Button Needle Minder Magnets

Just Another Button "Buttons"

Wool Felt Patterns and Wool

Floral Brooch Pattern

I Top (Button & Brad Maker)& I Rock (Hot Fix Gem Tool)

Punch Needle designs and accessories


Needle Boxes, Etui and Needle Books

Mesh Bags/Nylon Bags/Mini Bags

Mother of Pearl and Acrylic Thread Holder Rings

Kelmscott Shell Buttons & Purse Frame

Kelmscott Thread Keeps/Thread Winders/Thread Rings/Mini Buttons

Kelmscott Needle Minders/Mini Hornbook/


Charm Packs


Mini Wood Easel & Emery Sand for polishing needles

Pearl Glass Beads

Cover Buttons

Thread Drops and Mini Irons

DMC Threads Color Card

Thread Cutter, and Threading Tools

Mill Hill Needle Magnets

Trims for pinkeep, ornament, pillow and misc craft projects


Kai Scissors from Japan

Anita's Classic Scissors Collection

Anita's Heirloom Scissors Collection

Anita's Special Scissors and Tweezers Collection

Anita's Antique Collection

Thread Cutters and threaders

Scissors with Measuring Tapes

Flag Scissors of the World

Dovo Scissors From Germany

Solingen Germany Scissors

Scissors Under $10

Travel airplane safe scissors

Santa,Cats, Butterfly, Angel, Sea Horse, Itty Bitty Owl, and Pineapple Scissors

Gingher Scissors

Mini Scissors 3" and less

Scissors Made in Italy

Kelmscott Scissors

Sullivans Heirloom Scissors

Bohin Scissors from France

Premax Scissors from Italy

Uptown Girl Scissors

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Plain Edge Round 1" Gold Pendant (4)
$7.95 On Sale! $4.11

pendant web plain gold half inch.JPG
Plain Edge Round 1" Silver Pendant (4)
$7.95 On Sale! $4.11

pendant silver 1 inch.JPG
Plain Edge Oval Gold 1" Pendant (4)

pendant web gold oval.JPG
Vintage Charms (6)

web vintage charms.JPG
Vintage Pendants A 1" Opening (4)

web vintage 4.JPG
Vintage Pendants B 1" Opening (4)

web vintage 2.JPG
Vintage Pendants C 1" Opening (4)

web vintage 3.JPG
Vintage Pendants D 1" Opening (4)

web vintage 1.JPG
Vintage Pendant E 1" opening (1)

vintage E.JPG
Vintage Pendants F 1" Opening (3)

oval frame.JPG
Vintage Mini Charms/Pendants 1/2" Opening (6)

Web Vintage 5.JPG
Antique Gold Pendant 1 5/8" X 2"

Copy of P1010243.JPG

You can stitch a small design and glue it on the pendant and wear it.

Vintage Antique Silver Plated Butterfly Thread Winder


48mm x 40mm

Vintage Antique Gold Plated Butterfly Thread Winder


40mm X 48 mm

Vintage Patina Copper Plated Butterfly Thread Winder

butterfly copper.JPG

48mm x 40mm

Charm Hand Made flower (10)

Charm Reindeer (8)

charm reindeers.JPG
Charm Christmas Wreaths and Bells (7)

Charm Mixed Little Small Charms(40)

Charm Happy Birthday (5)

Charm  happy birthday.JPG
Charm Antique Flag (5)

Charm Red Blue White Flag (4)

Charm Fall Theme (8)

Charm Mini Acorn and Pumpkin (6)

DMC Needlework Threads Color Card
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It is a 10 pages that contain color pictures of DMC floss, pearl cotton, light effects, metallic pearl cotton, color variation floss, pearl cotton variations and santin floss. It is a great reference booklet that every stitcher should have.

Clover 9508CV Stack N Store Bobbin Tower
$16.00 On Sale! $14.25


United States shipping only, I cannot ship this item outside of the United States to oversea countries. Each of the 6 sections hold 5 bobbins. The tower measures 2 3/4" and 3 1/2".No bobbin or threads are included.

Quilters Rule Acrylic Template Small Daisies
$22.95 On Sale! $20.00


1/4in thick clear acrylic. Registration-centering lines. The etched lines makes placement on quilts easier. Improved edges have been softened to provide sharper points when used with a hopping foot. 4 sizes.The white paper showed on the picture is for the protection of the template.

EZ Rotary Cutting Shapes Hexagon Clear
$9.50 On Sale! $8.25

EZ Rotary Cutting Shapes Hexagon Clear.jpg

Rotary cutting template. Has markings for 1-1/2in to 5-1/2in hexagons.

Hex N More Ruler


Ruler can cut 4 shapes in 4 sizes: hexagons, 60 degree triangles, half hexagons and jewels. Comes with full color instructions. US SHIPPING ONLY

Pincushion Finger (1 only)
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Natural Wood base, elastic strap. For Quilters and crafters. Fabrics feature calicos and small prints.

Fiskars Mini Fingertip Rotary Cutter
$9.50 On Sale! $8.75
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This tiny rotary blade glides smoothly wherever your finger is pointing. It easily cuts the thinnest & most delicate fabric or papers without skipping or tearing. Hold the cutter similar to how you hold a pencil. This item is disposable, blades cannot be replaced.

Dritz Invisible thread
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a great finishing tool for Quilting, Craft, and Home Decor. 150 yards.

Dritz Stitch Witchery 5/8in x 20yds
$2.90 On Sale! $2.45
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100% Polyamide. Fusible bonding web for hems, trims and belts.

8 1/2" X 12" Reversible Self Healing Cutting Mat
$7.25 On Sale! $6.00
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Designed for rotary blades and utility blades, reversible, both sides have the same high quality, extra durable and extra thick (3mm).

Bohin 91473 Chalk Mechanical Pencil .9mm White
$11.50 On Sale! $10.75
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A best selling product of Bohin. Water soluble, can be washed out or erased with any fabric eraser. A must have for quilters.(5 chalk refills are included).

Bohin 91478 Mechanical Pencil Refill (White)
$7.25 On Sale! $6.90
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Bohin 91475 Mechanical Pencil Refill (Grey)
$7.25 On Sale! $6.95
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Bohin 91477 Mechanical Pencil Refill (Green)
$7.25 On Sale! $6.90
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Bohin 91476 Mechanical Pencil Refill (Yellow)
$7.25 On Sale! $6.95
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Bohin 91493 Chalk Pencil with sharper and Extra Chalk
$15.00 On Sale! $14.25
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Set includes 8 white & 8 assorted colors of chalk with sharpener.

Bohin 91483 Refill for Chalk Pencil
$9.75 On Sale! $9.25
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Includes 8 white & 8 assorted colors of chalk.

Mixed Pastel Vertical Drop Beads 7/5mm (50)
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Great enhancement to you stitching and craft projects.

Mixed Tear Drop and Vertical Drop Beads 6/4mm (50)
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Great for enhancing your stitching and craft projects.

Bead Flower Caps (100)
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100 bead flower caps, 50 silver, 50 gold for bead size 6-9 mm.

Bead Tips (100)
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100 bead tips are included, 50 gold and 50 silver colors.Bead tip is used for attaching to your favorite choice of closure. To start and end a beading project.

Bead tips and bead flower caps (100)
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25 silver beading tips, 25 gold beading tips, 25 silver bead flower caps, and 25 gold flower caps.

3mm Corrugated Spacer Gold and Silver (100)
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1003mm corrugated spacers, 50 gold and 50 silver. These are quality spacers.

I Top 2 (button & brad maker)


comes with 80$ in add-ons our choice

I Rock Hot Fix Gem Fix Tool (Cordless)
$14.50 On Sale! $11.25

002260 i-rock tool pkg.jpg
Crop A Dile Eyelet Maker
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Eight tools in one. 1/8" and 3/16" holes and set eyelets, snaps and more.This item is very heavy. I will send this using the International Flat Rate. Please email me for details. With the international flat rate, you may take advantage of the postage features to order things are expensive to mail like fabric and magazines.

Eyelet Plier Kit
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Tool for eyelet 5/32" and 1/4". 50 5/32" eyelets and 6 1/4" eyelets are included.

Clover Flower Frill 3 inch and 4 inch Template 8460CV
$5.25 On Sale! $4.50


Paper template by Clover, 3 and 4 inch.

Clover Flower Frill 5 inch and 6 inch Template 8461CV
$6.00 On Sale! $5.45

new large flower frill.jpg

Paper template by Clover, 5 and 6 inch.

Sweetheart Tree patriotic square
$10.00 On Sale! $7.00

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