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Fun Adjustable Rings Pincushion and Projects ideas

Beam N Read Lights, Magnifier, Travel Light

Bohin Products (Made in France)

Bohin Sewing & Quilting Pins

Access Commodities Tin Cans, linen, thread drops, bee wax, Needle ID card and more

Thimbles/Pincushion/Thread Haven

Prairie Horizon Stitchworks Vintage Dollie Pyn Pillows

Fabric Flair Thread Organizer, Grip-n-Stitch and Evenweave/Linen

Vintage Butterfly Thread Winders, Filigree,Charms and Pendants

Needles and Needles in Bulk

Floss Ring Tag Supplies

Kumihimo Japanese Braiding

Clover Gadgets (Yo Yo Maker, Basket Frames, Quilter Clips and much more)

Quilting/Sewing/crafts/pincushion patterns

Decorative Band Trim & Aleenes Craft Glues Pens

Cotton Lace Trim & Pigma Micro Pens

Crescent Colours Chenille

Crescent Colours Crocheted Lace

Mill Hill Beads

Just Another Button Just Pins

Just Another Button Needle Minder Magnets

Just Another Button "Buttons"

Wool Felt Patterns and Wool

Floral Brooch Pattern

I Top (Button & Brad Maker)& I Rock (Hot Fix Gem Tool)

Punch Needle designs and accessories


Needle Boxes, Etui and Needle Books

Mesh Bags/Nylon Bags/Mini Bags

Mother of Pearl and Acrylic Thread Holder Rings

Kelmscott Shell Buttons & Purse Frame

Kelmscott Thread Keeps/Thread Winders/Thread Rings/Mini Buttons

Kelmscott Needle Minders/Mini Hornbook/


Charm Packs


Mini Wood Easel & Emery Sand for polishing needles

Pearl Glass Beads

Cover Buttons

Thread Drops and Mini Irons

DMC Threads Color Card

Thread Cutter, and Threading Tools

Mill Hill Needle Magnets

Trims for pinkeep, ornament, pillow and misc craft projects


Kai Scissors from Japan

Anita's Classic Scissors Collection

Anita's Heirloom Scissors Collection

Anita's Special Scissors and Tweezers Collection

Anita's Antique Collection

Thread Cutters and threaders

Scissors with Measuring Tapes

Flag Scissors of the World

Dovo Scissors From Germany

Solingen Germany Scissors

Scissors Under $10

Travel airplane safe scissors

Santa,Cats, Butterfly, Angel, Sea Horse, Itty Bitty Owl, and Pineapple Scissors

Gingher Scissors

Mini Scissors 3" and less

Scissors Made in Italy

Kelmscott Scissors

Sullivans Heirloom Scissors

Bohin Scissors from France

Premax Scissors from Italy

Uptown Girl Scissors

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Wreath Pin

Quilter Pin

Sampler Pin

Black Penny Rug Pin

Just Sew Magnet Needle Minder

Mother of Pearl Scissors Fob Large Clasp


This will fit bigger handle scissors.

Mother of Pearl Scissors Fob


This will fit small 3 1/2 inch narrow handle embroidery scissors.

Wonder Grip Quilters Glove Extra Small


Gloves have a knit wrist, superior fit and secure grip. Durable and machine washable.

Wonder Grip Quilter Gloves Small


Gloves have a knit wrist, superior fit and secure grip. Durable and machine washable.

Wonder Grip Quilters Gloves Medium


Gloves have a knit wrist, superior fit and secure grip. Durable and machine washable.

Wonder Grip Quilters Gloves Large


Gloves have a knit wrist, superior fit and secure grip. Durable and machine washable.

Dritz Flower Loom Kit

Dritz FL1flowerloom kit.jpg

This handy gadget can be used to create flowers, tassels, long tubes, flat panels and more. The loom design is versatile. Use with yarn or ribbon.

Singer Sewing Kit with Case

Vintage Needle Box Rose Pink


A perfect way to store your needles.

Vintage Needle Box Blue Suave Strip


A perfect way to store your needles.

Vintage Needle Box Collection (4 boxes)


4 vintage needle boxes. A perfect way to store your needles.

Dritz Embellishment Charms (5)
$7.25 On Sale! $5.25


Add a bit of extra love to your quilt labels with these Embellishment Charms. Just sew them on to quilts, garments and accessories and let everybody know that the item was "handmade with love."

Vintage Chatelaine Scissor Case
$25.00 On Sale! $9.00


This old time vintage scissor case has a hand painted design and includes a ring for attaching to a necklace or chatelaine.

Rustic Jingle Bells (10)

rustic jingle bell.JPG
Bohin 91472 3 in 1 Chalk Pencil
$20.00 On Sale! $18.95


Comes with three leads; Dark, Pink and white. Use regular Bohin Extra fine Lead Refills 0.9mm 91474, 91475, 91476, 91477, 91478.

Collins 135C Flower Head Pins 2 inch (50)
$6.25 On Sale! $5.75

Collins Flower Head Pins 135c.jpg

No-melt plastic heads.

Collins 155C Flower Head Pins 2 inch (100)
$8.95 On Sale! $7.95


No-Melt plastic heads in assorted colors. The brightly colored heads are easy to see and grasp, and may be ironed over safely. Quilters like them for holding stacks of fabric together when rotary cutting. The pins lay flat under an acrylic ruler and keep the fabric layers from shifting.

Clover 3164CV Pattern Chart Marker Set 2pc
$17.95 On Sale! $14.50

Clover3164CVpattern marker.jpg

Keeps your place on charts and patterns. It's Magnetic!

Clover Wonder Clips (10 pieces)
$7.00 On Sale! $6.45

clover wonder clips.jpg

Open wide for holding multiple layers of fabric. It won't damage or distort the fabric. Great Holding capacity for different types of crafts. 1/4" and 1/2" seam allowance markings on on the base of clip of clip. Clip base is flat for easy feeding to presser foot. The Wonder Clips are great alternative to pins, especially when working with heavy weight fabrics, piles, and vinyls. It can hold layered sections of sewing projects such as handle connectors to handbags and piping without distortion. It holds quilt binding while sewing and it's easy to see and easy to find when dropped on the floor. Works well with sergers.

Clover Multi Color Wonder Clips 3185 (10)
$7.35 On Sale! $6.95

Clover Wonder Clips Multi Colors 3183CV (50 pieces)
$33.75 On Sale! $29.50


An assortment of colors for an assortment of uses.

Clover Wonder Clips 3156CV (50 pieces)
$33.00 On Sale! $28.95


Clip and hold, clip and sew right where you need it. Open wide for mulitple layers, won't damage or distort fabric. 1/4in and 1/2in seam allowance marking on base of clip. Clip base is flat for easy feeding to presser foot. Great hold for all kinds of different types of crafts.It comes in a box.

Clover 3157CV Jumbo Wonder Clips (24)
$25.00 On Sale! $21.50

clover3157CVjumbo clip.jpg

Clip and hold, clip and sew right where you need it. Opens wide for multiple layers, won't damage or distort fabric. Clip base is flat for easy feeding to presser foot. Clip is 2-1/4in long and is marked with 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" seam allowances.

Aleene's 25219A Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Glue Pen


Clear, water-based, nontoxic adhesive that provides a permanent fabric bond.

Aleen's 32140A Fabric Fusion Glue Multi 3 Pack


DESCRIPTION Aleene's® Fabric Fusion® Permanent Fabric Adhesive offers fabric crafters and fashion artists an easy alternative to a needle and thread! This clear, water-based adhesive is nontoxic, non-stringing and machine washable, creating a permanent bond between fabrics and other embellishments, wash after wash. In addition to its super strong ahdesive qualities, one of the BEST benefits Fabric Fusion offers is that it stays flexible even after being washed.

Aleenes 29618A Clear Gel Tacky Glue Pens 2pk
$5.00 On Sale! $4.25


Goes on and dries clear and strong. Each pen contains .63 fl oz of adhesive.

Aleenes 29617A Turbo Tacky Glue Pens 2pk
$5.00 On Sale! $4.25

glue aleenes 29617A.jpg

Fast drying, all purpose craft glue. Each pen contains .63 fl oz of adhesive.

Beading Tool 5 inch All Purpose Diagonal Cutter

Beading Tool 3.5 inch Micro Nylon Jaw Plier #525


Will not mark or scratch surface, stainless steel, just squeeze to open split rings.

Beading Tool Beading Tweeezer

beading tweezer.JPG
Beading Tool 5 inch Nylon Jaw Round Nose 175

beading roundnose.JPG

Nylon removable jaws for non-scratching surface area. Great for wire wrapping, looping and wire wrap.

Beading Tool 5 inch Bow Closing Piers #140


Great for rounding & closing small rings & bracelets.It weights 6 oz.

Bohin 91356 Machine Needle Threader
$13.50 On Sale! $12.95


Threads sewing machine needles easily without removing needle from machine.

Bohin 81980 Super Hand and Machine Needle Threader
$17.50 On Sale! $16.50


Threads needles from sizes 1 to 11.Hand and Machine threader.

Blue Feather 320B Needle Threader Magnetic (2)
$3.50 On Sale! $3.00

Blue Feather00320Bneedle threader magnetic.jpg

Includes 1 standard threader with thread cutter and 1 ultra fine threader. The strong wire and simple handles are extremely durable and both come with a tiny powerful hidden magnet to anchor them to a metal surface or to hold them onto your Grabbit.

Quilters Needle Threader by Fons & Porter (3)
$3.00 On Sale! $2.75

Collins 66C Needle Threader & Cutter (2)
$3.00 On Sale! $2.50

Clover 478CV Petit Cut Needle Threader with Cutter
$4.00 On Sale! $3.75

Roxanne Gold Embossed Needle Threader


This threader boasts the finest metal wand on the market, enabling it to easily thread those tiny sized 12 needles. The metal wand is fine but strong, and is heat set, as well as, crimped into its credit card think holder for longer life.

I - Rock Mini Iron
$18.00 On Sale! $16.50

Irockmini iron003513.jpg

With its collapsible handle and compact size, portability is a cinch! 2-1/2in x 4in x 2-3/4in 120 V.

Darice Mini Crafting Iron
$15.00 On Sale! $12.95

darice mini iron.JPG

Iron heats up in just a few seconds and will get hot enough to remove creases! Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the iron will fit easily into your purse or carry-on bag. Great for sewing and quilting classes. UL listed electric cord and lay down tray included. Random color selection.

Gingher Scissors Sheath


For 3 1/2 inch scissors.

3 inch Leather Sheath for Scissors

blackleathersheath.JPG Our pick of color and brand
5 inch Black Leather Shealth for Scissor

Just Another Button Mistletoe Queen Spool Kit
$20.00 On Sale! $14.00


Kit includes pattern, instructions, JABC buttons and Just Pins and all other materials (except needle and thread)

Just another Button Good Impression #1 Button Pack
$20.00 On Sale! $17.50

Just another Button Good Impression #2 Button Pack
$20.00 On Sale! $17.50

JJ Professional Assortment Pack (100 needles)
$10.25 On Sale! $9.50


Premier collection of John James needles (100 needles)

Bohin 62522 Anti Skid Place Mat 15in x 19in
$11.50 On Sale! $10.95


Due to its very thin texture, it can be placed very easily on your work area, which will turn it into a real non-slip working space. Perfect for maintaining fabric while making or positioning appliques, for home decoration, scrapbooking, scale models and other leisure crafts projects.

Bohin 62593 Transfer Veils, Marker and Brush (3)
$17.50 On Sale! $16.50


Wash and reuse again. Product comes with instruction. Transfer designs on fabric, works also on wood, paper, cardboard etc. Same side no need to reverse. Sepcial dobule point erasable transfer marker, paper and brush.

Bohin 62597 Veil Transfer Mesh 12in x 20in (5 pieces)
$15.25 On Sale! $14.45


To duplicate your quilting and embroidery designs easily. Simply place veil over original design and trace with the water soluble pen, then move veil to fabric that you want the next image and trace again. Then just wash the veil, let dry and you are ready to go again.

Bohin 62599 Veil Transfer Mesh 50in x 50in (1 piece)
$14.00 On Sale! $13.25


To duplicate your quilting and embroidery designs easily. Simply place veil over original design and trace with the water soluble pen, then move veil to fabric that you want the next image and trace again. Then just wash the veil, let dry and you are ready to go again

Bohin 92130 Iron Cleaner
$5.00 On Sale! $4.50

Bohin92130Iron Cleaner.jpg
Bohin 97097 Quilters Finger Guard Plastic Thimble
$1.50 On Sale! $1.35

bohin97097quilter finger guard.jpg
Bohin 97098 Quilters Guards Adjustable (3)
$6.85 On Sale! $6.50

bohin97098quilters guard.jpg

Fit all sizes, adjustable.For fine hand work.

Bohin 83095 Plastic Canvas (2)
$2.60 On Sale! $2.35


2 needles, 2 3/4in and 3 1/2in.

Bohin 26620 Flexible Ultra Fine Glass Head Pins 1-3/8in x .40mm (100)
$17.25 On Sale! $15.25

Bohin26620ultra fine glassp.jpg

These pins are flexible, you can bend it 45 degree.

Bohin 26589 Glass Head Fine Pin Size 20 - 1 1/4in (150)
$5.75 On Sale! $5.25

bohin26589glass head pin.jpg
Bohin 26593 Straight Glass Pin Fine Size 28 - 1 3/4in (100)
$9.50 On Sale! $8.95

bohin26593straight pins.jpg

Currently out of stock, restocking date is end of January 2016.

Bohin 30291 Triangular Pin Size 28 - 1 3/4in (60)
$5.25 On Sale! $4.75

Bohin30291t pin.jpg
Bohin 30292 Triangular Pin Size 20 - 1 1/4in (100)
$5.45 On Sale! $4.95

Bohin 30297 Triangular Pin Size 14 - 7/8 in (100)
$5.25 On Sale! $4.75

Bohin 44913 Straight Super Pin Fine Size 20 - 1 1/4in (500)
$8.75 On Sale! $7.95

Bohin 47501 Sewing Pin Size 17 - 1/16 in (200)
$3.00 On Sale! $2.50

bohin47501silk pin.jpg
Bohin 84126 Dressmaker Special Bonus Pack Size 17 - 1 1/16in ( 750)
$4.50 On Sale! $4.00

Bohin 84133 Dressmaker Extra Long Pin Size 20 - 1 1/4in (325)
$3.00 On Sale! $2.50

Clover 2506CV Flower Head Pins (100)
$12.85 On Sale! $11.50


Clover Flower Head Pin Size 32, 2in 100ct 4 colors.

Clover 2509 CV Quilting Heat Resistent Fine Pin size 30 (100)
$11.75 On Sale! $10.50


Pins smoothly pass through fabric, as the pin tips are thin and sharp. Long size pins are perfectly suited for quilting. Head is made of iron proof glass, heat resistant. Size 30, 1 7/8in 100ct.

Red Buzz for Sewing Machine and Computer


Flexible brush that remover lint and dirt from your sewing machine or computer. Remove the base cap and you have a microfiber screen cleaner. Doesn't get much better than this.

Thread Zap II
$12.00 On Sale! $10.95

Thread Zap II.jpg

Trims, burns, or melts thread with one touch. No more frayed ends. Tip heats instantly with the push of a button. Extra-fine tip allows for precision application. Ideal for finishing beadweaving & stringing projects Battery-operated (One AA, not included).

Thread Zap II Replacement Tips (2)
$3.00 On Sale! $2.50

thread zap II replacement.jpg
Singer 480SC Flexible Thimbles (3)

singer480SCflexible thimble.jpg
Colonial Needle SM100 Thimblepad Leather Adhesive Thimble
$6.30 On Sale! $5.50


Works like a thimble, feels like a dream! Reusable self adhesive leather pad sticks to your fingertip and is tough enough to handle the heaviest stitching projects. Its lightweight construction gives you more needle control, so even the finest and most delicate stitching is a pleasure.

Colonial Needle SM201 Underthimble Adhesive 8/package
$2.70 On Sale! $2.45

Thimble Colonial SM201.jpg

Adhesive Replacements are used to secure the UltraThimble SM700 and UnderThimble SM200 to fingertips. Each pad can be used again and again.

Colonial Needle SM700 Ultra Thimble
$7.00 On Sale! $6.25


Simply the ultimate thimble for any hand stitching. Made of stainless steel with precision-cut dimples for great needle control. Secured to finger with special reusable adhesive. Attach one to your upper pushing finger or thumb and another to your under deflecting finger. Stitch pain free for hours.

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